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“She reminds us of the objective pureness of the Pollini of a few years ago, and of Brendel’s sense of humour!”

Luc Nevers - Classica

“… Muriel Chemin constructs these huge pictures (Op. 101 and Op. 106) step by step with a stamina and expressive power that demand our admiration.”

Luc Nevers - Classica

“There is a sense of rhythm, of poetry of the sound, of the musical secret and of the necessity of the musical message which are the prerogative of the greatest pianists.”

Hervé Pennven

” Here Muriel Chemin is in her element. She is exuberant and intimate at the same time. Rigour and freedom blend into each other in a sometime radical way but always with a deeper reason, and one is always subdued by the breath that enlivens the interpretation, by the rhythmical life, the urge to proceed, the power of the underlying concept. One feels inclined to refrain from talking about the audible event as the sound becomes the servant of the musical idea that draws everything with it.”

Hervé Pennven

“All this creates an Appassionata for an anthology, inspired, visionary, driven by an incredible savage force. She manages to blend the furious frenesy of Schnabel, the lyric mood of Arrau, the nervous restlessness of Brendel … she takes her place among the classical interpretations, making us forget about many that have gone before, and arousing our interest in what shall follow.”

Philippe van den Bosch - Répertoire

“… she rathers evokes the intensity of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli…”

Gérard Honoré, Répertoire

“… this magnificent pianist makes the Beethoven universe her own without any difficulty, she faces it with admirable energy and tension …”

Philippe Simon, Répertoire

“Muriel Chemin shows to have penetrated the text and performs it with firmness… The breath, the balance of her concept, the combination of rigour, richness and analytical awareness are astonishing.”

Patrick Szernovicz, Le Monde de la Musique