ANICHINI, Antonio (1962)

-3 geometrische Etüden for 2 pianos, 1993-94

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig Van (1770-1827)

-Sonata for piano and violin Op. 12 n° 3, in E flat major

-Sonata for piano and cello Op. 5 n° 1, in F major

-Sonata for piano and cello Op.5 n°2, G minor

-Sonata for piano and cello Op. 69, A major

-Sonata for piano and cello Op. 102 n° 1, C major

-Sonata for piano and cello Op. 102 n° 2, D major

-Grande Sonate for piano and cello Op. 64, E flat major


-Sonata for Piano and Flute in E Flat Major WoO HA11


-Variations “Judas Maccabeus” for piano and cello WoO 45


-Trio for piano, violin and cello Op. 1 n° 3, C minor


-Grande Fuga in B flat major for 2 pianos (arrangement by A. Anichini) op. 133

BRAHMS, Johannes (1833-1897)

-Liebeslieder for voice and piano for 4 hands, Op. 52 and 65

-Lieder: Op. 48 n° 2, Op. 49 n° 4, Op. 96 n° 1, Op. 96 n° 4

-Piano quintet in F minor Op. 34

-Quartet in C minor Op. 60

-Sonata per 2pf in Fa min. Op 34b

BUSONI, Ferruccio (1866-1924)

-Albumblatt for Flute (or Violin) and Piano BV 272


-Elegie for Clarinet and Piano BV 286

CHAUSSON, Ernest (1855-1899)

-Concert in D for piano, violin and string quartet, OP.21

CHOPIN, Frederic (1810-1849)

-Introduction and polonaise brillante Op. 3, for piano and cello


-Sonata in G minor Op. 65, for piano and cello

HAENDEL, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759)

-Sonate in C major for violoncello and Clavecin

DEBUSSY, Claude (1862 – 1918)

-En blanc et noir for 2 pianos

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)

-Fugue for 2 pianos in C minor, K. 426


-Sonata for 2 pianos in D major, K. 448


-Quintet for piano, clarinet, oboe, horn and basson in E flat major, K. 452


-Sonata for piano and violin in B flat major, K. 454


-Trio for piano, violin and cello, K. 502

RACHMANINOV, Sergei (1873-1943)

-Suite for 2 pianos n° 1, Op. 5


-Sonata for piano and cello in G minor, Op.19


-Suite per 2 pianos n. 2.Op. 17

SAINT-SAENS, Camille (1835-1921)

-Sonate for Bassoon and Piano Op. 168

SCHUMANN, Robert (1810-1856)

-6 Etüden in Kanonform for 2 pianos Op. 56


-Adagio and allegro for violoncello and piano OP. 70

SCHUBERT, Franz (1797 - 1828)

-Introduction and Variations for Flute and Piano D. 802

SHOTAKOVITCH, Dmitrij (1906-1975)

-Suite for 2 pianos Op. 6